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What to expect in the plans of House

Posted on | December 9, 2010 | No Comments

The construction of the house takes a lot of planning. house plans are the product of a collaborative effort owner-planner. The owner puts his needs, so that the designer wants to turn the old paper copies of plans for his house. Room size, location, floor, ceiling and elevation, the design of the roof, and other specifications are usually the domain owner. Each work item has a cost equivalent to the floor. E ‘Maxim SA in the construction and house construction, the costs should be counted first, and that includes the plans.

The joint effort begins when a new owner comes with the idea of building a new home or renovate an existing structure. Should be the same joint venture of the two parties in the construction of a new home or renovating an old one. There are cases where the owners’ is zero, when there was little or no idea about the house he wants to build. In such cases, depend entirely on the ideas of the designer on the house plans. In preparing the plans for the house, lot size, location, family size and the needs of users and government regulations are considered. There would be homeowners who wish not to worry about themselves or planners and go directly to stores that offer pre-arranged plans with cost estimates. The designer then presents the owner with a copy of project plans.

The cost of construction is also an important point on the table owner. A house of flat products is an estimate of costs. The cost includes direct labor, direct materials and overhead costs which include among others the benefit of the contractor, taxes and other indirect costs. These costs depend on the technical specifications of the plans. Technical specifications are sometimes reflected on the plans, while in some cases appear in a separate document, under the same sub-title: Technical specifications. The planner keeps a spreadsheet of costs in general reference of the owner.

The party who prepared the plans usually plays an important role in building the house. In many cases, the owner calls his contract designer for the project because of his familiarity with the plans of the house. There are cases where professional planner opts to stay on as a project manager or consultant of the owner to ensure an impartial position in the execution of plans. When the designer is also involved as a producer, if the technical problems are easily solvable. Unlike when the designer is different from the producer, is rarely up to controversy, especially when the disagreement involves cost disadvantage for the owner.

The cost of it is variable and depends largely on the agreement between the owner and designer. There are plans that are free and go with the cost of the contract if it is packed structure of negotiations, while the other bill separately on their offer if it did the opposite. Typically, the plans of the house for a fraction of one percent and increases with the structure of the estimate. There are also plans ready home in the market where anyone can “a la carte” and begin to build his house.

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