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What to Do About a Sagging Ceiling

Posted on | September 4, 2018 | No Comments

Search for. Is your ceiling drooping? A drooping ceiling gets on its method towards breaking down-- take care of it prior to it does. If the ceiling boils down, it could create significant injury or even fatality, so the price of changing the ceiling as well as spending for brand-new furnishings might become the least of your problems. If you have a drooping ceiling, connect with a qualified specialist immediately.

While you're waiting on the specialist to show up, allow's find out exactly what triggered your ceiling to droop to begin with.

The Structure

At the time your house was developed, if the land had not been rated correctly or the structure was inadequately created, the long-term results that could carry your house can be ravaging. Various other variables, like whether the dirt was also damp or as well sandy, additionally contribute. Primarily, anything that creates the ground to increase or acquire will certainly concern the structure. In time, a home will normally "work out" right into the planet it was improved as well as the structure could change or sink. This could trigger cracks to show up in your wall surfaces, as well as, to name a few points, your ceilings could begin drooping too-- specifically if the initial home builder did an inferior task.

Stroll around your cellar. If you see fractures, wetness, or pests, your structure is the problem and also you must talk with an expert regarding it.

The Drywall

If the ceiling is drooping and also there typically aren't any type of warning discolorations that would certainly recommend water damages, after that there's a likelihood the drywall had not been mounted correctly. A lot of drywall ceilings need 4" screws spaced 12" besides each other. The building contractor might have obtained careless and also reduced edges. If he stinted the screws as well as spaced them as well much apart, the ceiling will certainly droop.

An additional suggestion is that he utilized the incorrect drywall. While 1/2" thick drywall is one of the most prominent dimension, it's extremely light (among the factors for its appeal) and also isn't really as tough as, claim, 5/8" thick drywall. 1/2" drywall is more probable to droop, particularly if there's a great deal of area in between the assistance light beams. A lot of specialists suggest making use of 5/8" drywall for ceilings due to the fact that it's a whole lot more powerful.

Have actually a specialist been available in (a top quality one this moment!) to see just what he needs to claim. He'll either have the ability to strengthen the existing drywall, or he might determine you require the drywall changed completely.

Water Damages

An unseen water leakage could trigger all type of family troubles. For ceilings specifically, water could build up inside the ceiling, damaging the drywall or plaster. If sufficient water is permitted to accumulate, the ceiling will certainly droop as well as collapse. Water could additionally trigger assistance light beams to warp and also rot which will certainly bring about ultimate ceiling collapse also.

As soon as you have actually detected the origin of your drooping ceiling as a water leakage, call a professional ceiling repair and also make certain your pipes is taken care of prior to you start fixing your ceiling.


Isoptera is the taxonomic name for termites. With any luck, words "Isoptera" strikes much less concern in the hearts of house owners compared to words "termites" does. Termites appear like white ants as well as their preferred food is timber. If your residence is ravaged with termites, God forbid, there's a likelihood they have actually currently triggered great deals of damages to the wood assistance beam of lights in your ceilings as well as throughout your residence.

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