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What is dry cleaning of carpets?

Posted on | June 16, 2010 | No Comments

If it is dry it comes to carpet cleaning was an idea that there is no moisture at all concerned. But can, in fact, dry cleaning of carpets to a variety of procedures leading ultra low water use. One such method is the process of dry foam, it’s to clean a carpet. It can not be a process quite dry, but water content in the foam easily called it dry. A true carpet cleaning uses a dry air of 90 percent and 10 percent of the liquid in the foam mixture.

To use full foam carpet chemical cleaning procedure requires that you have a dry foam carpet cleaning. The machine is easy with a vacuum cleaner with a modified compressor, which will convert the liquid and mixing the air in a foam solution defined. The solution is usually a liquid shampoo is specifically designed for use on carpet, in the dry foam casting machine.

When the solution is poured into the dryer, use a pressure vessel equipped with a compressor to make foam solution. The solution is to him in a brush used to apply the solution to make the carpet. The brush is designed in the foam solution into the carpet, so that each and every fiber of the carpet clean is work.

To complete the cleaning process, it must ensure that you check the machine as it produces the bubbles of uniform size. This is important so that the foam more uniform surface function is to clean before they are distributed. The foam acts as a catalyst to increase the dirt on the surface and allow to dry after the particles behind. Once the foam fully complete removal of the area is dry to do to get rid of all dirt and debris.

been mixed, depending on the amount of dirt and age of the carpet cleaning, dry foam method on the carpet can be. For standard results most of the time, when it is used, certain steps are followed. Solution mixing chemical foam mat must be performed exactly as specified by the manufacturer in the right quantity and amount. Back stains and discoloration, heavy carpets must be removed or participated in the first. A process of dry foam is not a panacea for all the dirty carpet.

Since it is not a panacea, why the process is very dry, use it in terms of popular? The main advantage of the method lies in the fact of the problems with too wet spots do not occur that usually happens when a carpet shampoo. A lot of ground is covered and supermarkets can be washed at once. And most of all the fibers of a carpet is not saturated because of the low moisture content.

The dry foam method is for the old carpet for its ability to deep dirt that have accumulated over the years recommended extract. In addition the costs are relatively low and a further simplification, this method can not at home. Some companies will rent machines foam.

What is important that the best results is the use of an extractor good and reliable. It is always constitute still a vacuum, which is specifically for the vacuum-depth designed and carefully extracted the dirt. Some machines have a built-in foam-extraction, but perhaps less self-extracting machines.

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