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The golden rules of a painter and decorator

Posted on | December 27, 2010 | No Comments

1. Always buy the best tools and equipment you can afford to decorate. Pure brushes are best. cheap paint is a false economy and generally leads to spending more time painting and additional coats needed to achieve the desired finish.

2. Always follow the instructions on the milk producers of paint and other materials involved in painting and decorating your home. Particular attention should be paid to the health and safety of handling of various substances used in the decoration of your house in Devizes.

3. The most important factor before you start decorating the surfaces to be coated must be properly prepared or primed before being painted or decorated. Is to fill holes and cracks, sanding, sealing porous surfaces, walls or wood stripping, replacing rotten wood, etc. surfaces to be clean masking is the sign of competent designer. Complete all preparations before starting to decorate, because they do not want to be polishing a surface next to a freshly painted surface debris will stick to the paint work.

4. Make sure you buy enough material to complete the redecorating. Whether wallpaper or paint, the lot number is essential to a good result.

5. Do not rush the redecorating. The paint will have enough time to dry between each coat.

6. Keep the dressing area as dust free as possible. Roll up carpets, etc.

7. Wear appropriate clothing and avoid cotton clothing, wool fibers and end on the finished painting and decorating work. If you have pets, make sure they are kept away from the field of decoration (as there is nothing worse than seeing signs of a cat’s paw, along the window sill just painted!). cause and effect essay

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