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Should I have ice in my roof?

Posted on | January 27, 2011 | No Comments

All but one states have blanket of snow somewhere to make it a record year. With all the cold weather affecting the country, what about the ice on the roof? And “normal or should I worry about is a question many of you may be wondering.

Ice dams usually develop from inadequate ventilation of attic and roof areas.

To answer your questions, no, you should not have long icicles hanging to the roof. They are not only a potential risk to people or animals to pass under them, may cause serious damage to your home inside and out.

To have some of the icicles hanging on your house? What now? There are companies you can call that will come out and analyze the problem, give an estimate to fix this problem, give advice on how to prevent future problems and can do the job for you.

Some of the resolutions that can be used to correct the problems can be:

~ Spray ice: Some professional steam, I recommend the ice on your roof. This may take 3 + hrs to make and can be costly.

~ Roof of the merger: they can be in a form on the disc that you throw on the roof and melts the snow / ice around the land where you or a form of pellets to be coated by applying it to someone on the roof. Again, I recommend hiring a professional like the roof will be very slippery and can cause injury if done by an unqualified person.

Heater ~: Once you’ve solved the first problem, a doctor may recommend the installation of a heating system on the roof to solve future problems. This is usually electric. Costs, installation time and availability varies depending on the size of the slopes of roof coverage and age. There are different styles and cables that can be used to meet your needs.

Most of us when we see the icicles hanging from roof of our instincts would take a broom or something with a long handle and make them fall. However, this may do more damage to the roof and / or shingles. Do not run the risk of having to hire a professional to solve most of what is bad. If this problem is not handled properly, the result could be that the merger runs into your home, your attic, in the sheet rock and can be down in your cellar.

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