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Protect Your Home New investment – a review by the

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New article “Protect Your Home New investment – a review by the”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Protect Your Home New investment – a review by the 11th Months done a competent examiner

Many new houses in the state of Washington get a new home warranty for 12 months. The cost of this guarantee has been in the selling thought that if you have already paid for the insurance.

Congratulations if you have a new owner! It is likely that your builder has an excellent work in monitoring the construction and installation done from home. He is in his interest to produce a quality product and provide customer service. However, many workers were involved in the construction, and sometimes overlook things. Small defects in materials or workmanship can lead to costly repairs over time, if it is not recognized. An inspection of the eleventh month of the property is a good insurance against this happening in your home.

In the vast majority of new houses, which controls my business, defects will be recognized as the owner to correct the manufacturer or repair. Owners rarely, if ever, venture into the attic or space, only a few have discovered the technical training necessary and identify these defects. For example, a small leak in the wax ring with one toilet, discovered by the moisture meter inspector, lead to rotting floors and building damage. WC easily ventilated, ventilated, or in the attic moisture problems can (mold) cause, rot and pests. Similarly, a common detail of the wall / ceiling (kick flashing Flash) is often installed poorly and can cause wood to rot around and pest infestation by water entering the wall cavity.

If you are a new home here in Washington itself, you probably have already paid for one year warranty. Take advantage of this situation once before your twelve months. To go to a local, qualified home inspector by your new house before the warranty expires one year. A home inspection is much larger than the manufacturers’ step by step, with two hours or more completed to help your mind calm down and potentially save thousands of dollars in future repair bills.

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