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Porch and deck controls for safety

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New article “Porch and deck controls for safety”to help you make your house more beautiful.

The most common problem with the bridge structures are rotting and insects. To determine the damage wood, the wood-probe in question, with an awl or screwdriver. If the tool easily penetrates the wood and the wood is soft, the wood must be replaced. Rot and insects can be found in a number of places on the terraces, ramps and stairs. More common is the foundation of the vertical columns, particularly when contact with the wooden floor, and / or excessive moisture. Wooden posts should be securely connected to the cell blocks of concrete to prevent contact with the soil / wood.

A ledger board, a horizontal framing member that is fixed to the side of the house, and leads to the bridges, which form the deck beams. The ledger board should not be placed directly on the siding of the house. If so, the bridge can be secured to the wooden house. The siding is on the board of the ledger, after it is bolted to the definition of the House. To prevent water from rotting the board of the ledger, it is protected from the blade (flashing) placed over the side of the ledger. The water coming down the siding goes on the ledger sheet, the excess moisture. It is recommended that you ask the advice of the great book of rotting wood, to ensure that it remains strong. Often the damage is found.

The ceiling beams are structural members of the floor. Beams are usually 2 “X6″ or 2 “x 8″ or 2 “x10″ (depending on the duration of the game). The ceiling beams are in the board of the ledger (installed at home), and to extend to the vertical support poles and the crossbar. Explore the top of the carrier decay is random recommended.

The deck or on the floor of the bridges is 2 “thick and is usually 6″, 8 “or 10″ wide. The deck should be checked for rot and damage from sunlight (sunlight especially bridges).

Diagonal should be used for bridges of more than 2 meters above the ground provided. The bracket connecting the vertical support post for the bridge itself Diagonal 2 “X4 framing material attached” to the vertical support post, starting at 2 feet above the floor of the bridge, diagonally to the bottom of the bridge and fix the two feet on the bridge. This should be done at each support post.

storey bridge must be strong enough to not bend at the level between the ceiling beams. If the bridge is not closed with a roof, should not deck boards tightly butted to one anther, but a little distance, so to go the water to dry. Moisture promotes deadwood.

Guard railing
All bridges over 30 feet above the floor should be a railing. Guardrails are required on terraces, balconies and open sides of stairways.

Vertical guard needed to be a material 4×4. vertical guard should be mounted outside perimeter of floor joists (RIM bars). The security fence not less than 36 “be. The intermediate rails must such a 4″ object can not happen to be distributed across the rails.

If you are shaky at the railing, inspection of decay, missing parts or parts or sections and bulk. Guard railing must be strong enough to withstand a weight of people.

Stairs and ramps
Deck stairs are usually made of wood. The staircase and steps should not be strong enough to move to a normal or show to walk the stairs. Check the attachment of the stairs, to ensure that milestones and diagonal support are (smooth), tight. Check the staircase of wood decay. rotted parts should be replaced.

For reasons of security:
The width of each tread must be identical.

The minimum tread width or depth of his 10th ”

The level one stage to another, called the riser, “must also be specific. The maximum riser height is 7 4.3. The greater height or width of the tread in a stairway not exceeding the smallest by more than 8.3 inches. They are cause for special codes to prevent accidents.

Handrails can be a minimum height of 34 “or a maximum height of 38″. Handrails are required on a staircase with two or more risers.

For the purpose of gripping the handrails:

Handrails adjacent walls should be a gap of at least 1 1 / 2 “between the wall and the railing.

The handle part of the handrail shall be 1 1 / 4 “will be a minimum of 2 8.5″ maximum.

Check for missing or loose handrails.

This article as a tool to help the buyer or the seller was written is a DIY Home Inspection on decks, porches, railings, stairs and ramps. Gary wrote on Bair (Capacity Analysis Report of Inspection) system is a DIY guide inspection and report must be notified. The guide consists of detailed instruction of each element is found in a house. The system has BAIR guide to inspect bridges, canopies, railings, stairs and railings, and offers explanations of the results. This article will help you more information if necessary.

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