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Living Green: Tips for keeping your home green If you

Posted on | November 18, 2010 | No Comments

New article “Living Green: Tips for keeping your home green If you”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Living Green: Tips for keeping your home green If you go on holiday

green living is important for many people nowadays. Particular attention to green living is done in house. You may have already started to create a greener lifestyle in which we live, but what you can do to keep a green house, while you’re away from home or a business trip or extended holiday? Here are some ideas to make sure that your home continues to be green, even when you’re not.

Before leaving, take some ‘time to do a quick check around the house. Make sure the lights are out, except for all you can keep for security reasons. In these cases, set the lights on a timer to save energy so as not to burn 24 / 7. After a few lights, both inside and outside, on a timer to give the impression that someone is home when suddenly the lights come on. But leaving lights on all the time, it is clear to anyone who is watching your house that the place is busy.

* Make sure the thermostat is set so that the heating or cooling is minimized. For heating in winter, turn down the thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are on holiday away from home during the hot months, make sure the thermostat is set at about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In this way, you will not find a bill for heating or cooling the space occupied.
* Unplug all electronic devices or electronic devices are connected to a switch power strip, make sure the device is switched off completely. Often, I just unplug the AC adapter to ensure there is no energy drain vampire place during my absence.
* Dial a reduction in the temperature on your hot water at room temperature in the vicinity. I like to put mine to about 60 C. It is not necessary to keep the water hot when no one is all about.
* If you are clearing the perishables in your refrigerator, leave a bit ‘empty, fill a couple of jugs of water and refrigerate while you are away. With a fridge full enough to help maintain the cool temperature with less power required. Articles cold to function effectively as a “cold source” and help guard against heat loss.

It ‘easy to get so focused on planning the trip that you forget to plan the best way to keep your home energy and water efficiency in your absence. These tips will help you maintain a green house, when you’re away and also save money.

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