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leaky roof: to find the source of the leak

Posted on | January 31, 2011 | No Comments

No landlord wants to hear the distinctive sound. ” Drop, drip, drip “A leaky roof leak rhythmically on the floor of your home is a sound that is undeniable, if you’ve heard before. A fall onto a carpet has a sound buffer. A fall on a floor Hardwood is a distinct “ping!” When you hear, your ear advantage and the hunt begins.

Where is the leak coming from?

Water can travel some distance before finally falling on the carpet in the lounge. You can travel through the beams of the attic, insulation, and electrical cords before they find a small access point and begins its final descent into your living room. If you can find the registration point, you can also repair the roof and stop dripping.

If the attic is finished, you can follow the flow of water to its point of origin. You can see daylight through a small hole in the roof. If you can find the entry point carefully, put a large nail into the hole. The nail serves two purposes: You can see the highlight of the roof and repair the hole, but even before the possibility of solving this problem, you can put the right of a bucket or container under the nail drips. Empty the bucket accordingly.

If the attic is finished, you can work harder. Wait until the time of clear my head and the roof, ensuring the balance. Look for weak points in your roof. In the case where two areas meet, your roof is naturally more vulnerable. Look for loose shingles. Fix vulnerable regions to find, because you end up with more losses. Hopefully in the process, they have resolved the cause of your loss of power as well.

Regular maintenance should help to ensure that your “drip, drip, drip” that may be withheld at night.

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