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Interesting Tips Paint Glaze

Posted on | January 4, 2011 | No Comments

The enamel is the thin layer of a liquid paint, glass and transparent color and reapply a thin, clear top layer that has already been applied. Glaze colors substantially alter the area or region that is already painted below.

Sometimes the glass painters are afraid or we can say they are threatened by the glass. The glass is of no use to the artist or the artist who wants instant gratification. But it’s not that I’m looking for something immediate and something that we can not get by mixing the colors in the Palette window, then the thing is that you can give the color depth The richness and beauty. This can be explained by describing how a thin layer of glass which is transparent. The light passes easily create transparent and easily from any medium such as light bounces off the canvas and when the light falls in your eyes that would certainly give a very real and bright, you can not get a physical mixing of colors.

Some interesting tricks that can make a glaze paint the most interesting are the following:

? You should know that the colors are transparent, semitransparent or opaque. We recommend that you take the time to know the color and type it. For the enamel, transparent colors are very important. Here is how to obtain interesting and attractive color. This does not mean that solid colors should be left aside. You can also use solid colors and experiment with it.

? We must be patient and stay calm and not anxious to polish it. If the wall is painted and the paint is dry, then you should not rush in and apply enamel paint. If the varnish is applied before the color is dry, then mix with the color and it will not effect you want to give and then you have to wait and let the paint dry first, then the enamel can be done. It should paint a wall and go to the next wall, then should continue to move to another so that all walls be enough time to dry and set.

? Should be applied uniformly as the enamel is the thin layer of paint, then you must be careful and should paint the place with ease. Glaze should be applied without difficulty to the previous level.

? You should use light colors and soft in the background. dark colors or hard will not allow light to pass and block light colors and soft light to pass.

? The enamel is thin liquid, and must be painted without problems for the paint that is already there, and must be painted evenly without leaving brush marks remain. We must therefore take care when their painting. brush marks should not be seen and then you should use a soft brush.

With these great tips for enamel paint picture with your favorite colors and start to add a touch of real lighting effect to the surrounding environment.

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