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How to protect your space mold

Posted on | August 22, 2010 | No Comments

New article “How to protect your space mold”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Since crawling sitting on the wet ground, they are sensitive to moisture and mold. A phenomenon called “chimney effect” causes houses in the air from the floor in a crawl space and suck in the Main area of a house.

Mold spores, dust mite feces and other organisms that come with air, making breathing problems (eg asthma) and a variety of other health problems. There are some simple ways to protect your crawl space of a mold, and if you are already a mold problem, help is on its horizons.

The best way to prevent mold growth, the Crawl Space, which is also known as installing a vapor barrier to encapsulate. This will keep insects and creatures that live there, by a barrier, so that their traffic is minimized. In addition, isolates a barrier and separates the room of the house of moisture from the earth. The outcome is a dry and hot as a house. The region could also apply to the storage with less risk of ruining effects are used in a damp environment.

But the installation of a vapor barrier is that the first stage of encapsulation. By itself, a vapor barrier is not 100% successful. To prevent mold spores, 55% relative humidity must be space or less. This means that the crawl space dehumidification needs continuously, which is also known as an investment. The best way to your region below the reference state is to use a dehumidifier, designed specifically for this area, as you the dehumidifier SaniDry CBS. This is below the relative humidity of 55%, while the dry form no chance to flourish again.

Is Your Crawl Space neglected?
How many times a year you are in your crawl space? Maybe once or twice a year if you are like most homeowners. This means that you do not see what happens there on a regular basis. If heavy rain caused the water in your house in a big storm, it is likely that you will probably not notice the mold and be able to get your door. Instead, you install a sump pump if you do not. In this way, when heavy rains the water from entering your cause crawl space sump pump automatically turns on and lead the water away from your home.

The solution to mildew
If all these steps are performed simultaneously, the result is a hair that space exploration resists mildew better than without treatment. If you suspect you have a problem with mold, the most effective solution is to put a specialist in the encapsulation compound. It will examine your home and offer solutions that can be customized for your home. For example, if you have already installed a sump pump, a professional can ensure that it is installed properly, and make other suggestions to keep it dry and robust as possible.

Responsible contractors Crawl
To ensure that you have to work with a responsible contractor, ask for referrals in your area and ask if they are judged by the Better Business Bureau. A responsible contractor also give you a written estimate to say how much the repair will cost before work is done at your home. If a contractor does not possess these properties, they can not work to the most prestigious companies.

To correct or evaluate your basement or a form of problem, contact an expert mold remediation professional.

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