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Home inspection that issues of safety in the wood stove

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New article “Home inspection that issues of safety in the wood stove”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Home inspection that issues of safety in the wood stove

During the inspections that I perform at home in Ohio, I often have a house, a wood stove. I have a wood stove in my house and I like the heat, can produce them. There are security issues that need to be addressed during the installation of an inspection or if I have a house that you have. Proper installation by default always the manufacturer’s recommendations, but these recommendations are not always available. The following recommendations are based on the book is not based with manufacturers installation instructions.

A question that has to be seen during a home inspection with a wood stove is at home. The foyer is the area on the ground, which lies directly below and adjacent to the stove. Sometimes the home is too small. The target is the home of heat to preserve and protect the floor to get in front of the fire. The bottom should extend the protection of at least 18 cm from all sides. The most common form of protection floor is brick.

The distance of a wood stove is installed away from a combustible wall is also an important observation, the distance at least 36 inches away from the stove. This can be reduced to 12 cm when a heat shield is installed on the wall. Typical heat shield sheet is 24 gauge thick and is mounted with spacers to create a gap of one inch between the wall and the leaf. The distance is also important when the furniture in the house. The furniture and other combustibles should be kept at a distance to save money. 36 inches is the recommended spacing for furniture and fuel.

The chimney is another important factor to look at home inspections. Pipes are very hot and the pipes should permissions of fuel in the house started to prevent fire. The distance between the pipe and combustible materials may vary depending on the type of line. The typical distance is 18 inches, which can be reduced to 9 cm, when a heat shield is used.

When I look around the house, I’m always on the lookout for the accumulation of creosote. can Creosote is an accumulation that can form in the chimney and it can burn a very hot fire and set the roof and the house being on fire. Chimneys and exhaust pipes pan should be cleaned annually.

Always have an inspection for your safety and peace of mind.

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