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Green Living Tip save thousands of gallons of water: the

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New article “Green Living Tip save thousands of gallons of water: the”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Green Living Tip save thousands of gallons of water: the recycling of gray water

The conservation of freshwater is increasingly important because of the simple fact that water is a natural resource that is increasingly rare. water restrictions are imposed on a regular basis in major metropolitan areas. Farmers in many parts of the world are limited by the supply of water for irrigation. important regions of the world, including Africa and India, a large group of people do not have enough water to survive. Keep our water supply is urgently needed.

Closer to where I live in Southern California, water levels in reservoirs that feed the sea ice and freshwater in the region of Los Angeles are almost in perpetuity. The limited availability of water is the source of all local communities to impose restrictions on the use of water in my town, a jet of water out of driveways is prohibited, and lawn irrigation is allowed only three days a week. Loss of sprinklers that are not repaired quickly will result in a fine. Restaurants can serve water upon request codes and strengthening the mandate of low-flow toilets in all new commercial buildings and residences. What can the average consumer do to help combat water shortages?

One way is to use new bathroom appliances can save 10 to 20 liters on a daily basis, which is equivalent to 7.300 liters of well water every year, almost all families. What is the secret?

It ’s a word that you can expect to hear more about the future: Greywater. Grey water is defined as water that has already been used for purposes such as washing hands or bathing, making it unsuitable for drinking or cooking. But this water can still be used for other purposes where it can replace the fresh water. For example, the water used for washing hands or while shaving or brushing your teeth can be captured and used to fill the toilet tank drain.

A type of sinks and toilets were available in Japan in recent years. A faucet and sink are mounted on the back of a toilet, allowing the water used for washing hands or brushing your teeth to filter and flow in the toilet tank. In this way, the gray water can be reused for washing, storage of an equivalent amount of fresh water. You can expect to see a similar system introduced in the U.S. and Europe soon.

bathroom accessories greywater Fancier are coming on the market that combines style and functionality. style lamps integrated toilet and washbasin available from the European manufacturer Roca in Spain and a sleek, modern design Expect to pony up a lot of money for such a system now, though. Because these types of products are more widely available and lower in price, it will be easier and more convenient for consumers to install a gray water system in their homes, saving a considerable amount of fresh water and how to green.

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