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Green Living Tip: How to collect the water and save

Posted on | November 19, 2010 | No Comments

New article “Green Living Tip: How to collect the water and save”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Green Living Tip: How to collect the water and save money

Green metamorphosis of life must include measures to conserve fresh water. Water is a natural resource that is increasingly rare, are increasing world population. News reports of water shortages are increasingly common.

The scarcity of fresh water is more widespread in large cities, including major metropolitan areas in developed countries. restrictions on the use of water are common in the U.S. including Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and other major cities.

There is a step that homeowners can take to combat water scarcity. It ’s relatively simple and inexpensive to implement, and it will save thousands of gallons of water per year. This simple step will also save on water bills.

This phase of life green: collect and use rainwater.

Rainwater is free. Falls from the sky, and water is freely available to anyone who takes the trouble to collect.

How do you collect rainwater? The simplest solution is to use a rain barrel. Rain barrels can be placed under the downspout that drains the water from the eaves around your roof. This water is not potable, such as runoff from your roof containing particles and pieces of land, and may also contain traces of chemicals leached from the tiles on the roof. But this water is ideal for watering the lawn or garden.

Each gallon collected and used in this way the water will not buy your local utility provider or water.

At best, you can configure more than one barrel to collect rain water more efficiently in your roof. Strategic positioning in the barrels around your house, you can collect a surprising amount of water that would otherwise run into the road, sewers, eventually winding up of the water treatment plant. But the rain did not require treatment, as he is good enough for direct use for irrigation at home. A barrel of 55 gallons of rain can save about 500-1000 gallons of water per year or more (depending on how often it rains where you live).

Many shops have hardward rain barrels available. You can also buy purpose-built rain barrels pegs that have integrated that you can more easily tap the amount of water must be taken at any time and use only the water you need at any time.

For really serious, rainwater can be collected in a tank buried under the lawn. These tanks can collect and hold a few hundred to over 1000 liters of water.

Consider installing rain barrels to collect roof runoff at home. You get the ability to hold thousands of gallons of water each year, thus contributing to the fight against water shortages as Green your life at home.

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