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Exterior painting of a house

Posted on | December 31, 2010 | No Comments

Time to paint the exterior of a house depends on a number of things and can vary from climate to climate. Some areas outside of the house must be painted every year, while other surfaces as window sills should be painted every three years. surfaces in the home of others who already have a coat of paint will not need another five years. A surface with two coats of paint can last eight to ten years and still going strong for most of those years.

There are also visible signs that may indicate that outside a house must be painted. Mold and mildew, for example, grow on the surface of the painting and reproduce into microscopic pieces of a paint job, and when the sun will fuel moisture keeps these small pieces. As the surface of the paint more porous and aging, these microscopic pieces have come to the surface and age. If power washing can not remove, then it really is time to call a painting business in Atlanta.

Another time to consider painting the exterior of the house is when the color of the paint begins to fade as the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the paint and the constant cause of the painted surface to get lighter. Eventually lose most of its bright colors. If the painted surface is really allowed to fail, then there are the chalk and dust resulting from light yellow sun beat down on the surface of the painting begins to appear, it is an indication that the other owner should contact with employers Atlanta painting house exterior to prevent damage suffered more.

Peeling paint is proof of the last phase of the failure of the paint, how there is a way to protect the surface under the paint, as has been exposed and in the future will be vulnerable to rot wood, peeling or rotting stucco. These sections concerned should be contacted immediately, or completely covered to protect surfaces below.

A statement that overtime is needed is when the fibers of natural wood on the outside of the house began to crack. If this happens, there is an immediate need to repaint or stain the wood to prevent decay and fragmentation. If the house is in the Atlanta area, is certainly the time of contact with the house painters in Atlanta.

color consultants are always available in stores for a painting house when the owner decides to redecorate his house with the new color trends.

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