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Eco Tips for the renovation and cosmetic companies all ready

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New article “Eco Tips for the renovation and cosmetic companies all ready”to help you make your house more beautiful.

Eco Tips for the renovation and cosmetic companies all ready for the real estate market in the Green Lane

Home buyers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues in a home and a desire for more environmentally friendly features will continue to grow in coming years. If you intend to repair or renovate your property is in your best interest to go as green as possible. If not sold soon, it will still increase the future resale. And if you’re ready to sell your home can be a great marketing strategy.

Here are some simple changes to implement eco-smart in the next cosmetic remodel. For the most part they are concerned about their budget as well:

1. Have you heard the truth about the CFL (fluorescent lamps). We all know that we need to replace all our bulbs with them. But what they look horrible? In particular the type of corkscrew low price? A great option is to change the light aircraft that will accommodate those who hide and the CFL. For example, in the bathroom, choose a light bar when the bells of the glass facing up instead of down. Conversely, if you choose to bells, face down, you can purchase CFL bulbs more expensive than similar incandescent. Most of the recessed ceiling hides the CFL. Chandeliers are often glass jars that are pointing down – instead, choose the type up. Moreover, in the case of lamps, make sure you select bell jars larger, with ground glass. Take a look at all varieties of CFLs there is a box of equipment stores – for example, buy a shorter, corkscrew CFL compact type that might better suit some chandeliers the size standard.
2. Painting is one of the easiest ways to go green. Suddenly, you can choose to reduce or nearly eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air in your home. Three examples are NO VOC Olympic paint (sold at Lowe’s), Fresh Aire (sold at Home Depot), and Costa Verde / Costa Enviro sold to Kelly Moore. With these paintings be easily accessible and in a myriad of colors, there is no reason not to use them. Again, if you intend to sell your house and paint without VOCs, you can use it as a characteristic stellar on all marketing materials.
3. Floors for the bathroom has been a thorn in the side of eco-restoration, but there are some interesting choices. My favorite is Marmoleum, which is made from all natural materials like linen, among others and is completely sustainable and renewable. It ‘available in a variety of designs, colors and textures, but is not, alas, a bit’ expensive. Looking for about $ 20 per square meter. A more eco-friendly, but a little ‘less is to go with a floor that is post-consumer (for example, Tarkett) which also offers many options for this style would be about half the cost of Marmoleum. These soils can also be used in kitchens and other areas of the house. Cork is a great choice and sustainable, but not wet. A very important role in Silicon Valley to see what is available and Textiles and Interiors of Palo Alto.
4. Speaking of floors, carpet does not have echo on the radar until the recent years. There are two guys I know – the ones made of plastic bottles and those made from corn. This is Smart Strand, which is a technology of carpet that is used by many major brands. Smart Strand carpets are generally recyclable and have the information of the plant where they should be re-designed the stamp on the back. green carpet pads are also available. They are easy choice, and I am in cents more than conventional products. Again, a huge selling point for real estate.
5. Almost all items related to green laws will tell you to buy energy star appliances. This article is no exception. Check the energy of each type of device, and to try to get the best odds for the buck. Also, if you’ve never heard of induction hobs, it’s worth a little research and self-education. You can see on sites like AJMadison.com. The general sense is that the induction burner reacts with the metal at the bottom of your pan (glass jars and copper does not work). Because if not very electric pump, is a greener choice than other options in the heating table. They are not cheap, but the monthly energy savings can make sense if you plan to live in your home long term.

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