Common Types of Wood Rot

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Wood rots when it’s wet and rainy. Wood everywhere in your home is potentially at risk. Structural timber, door frames, baseboards and interior walls and mortar joints keep everyone in danger.

Many people distinguish rotten wood that is dry or wet. This is misleading, because many people the impression that the wood dry rot could develop. It is impossible. Remember, all the decayed wood is wet wood, wet or both was

The two most common types of wood decay are the following:

1st Wet Rot
2nd Sponge

Wet rot is caused by a fungus that spreads the accumulation of moisture. This type of decay is developing in a similar way that rots with the parent company is different from the decay can not penetrate brick. There are many types of fungus that causes decay. puteana Conio-phora also known as C. cerebelld the most common form of wet rot the United Kingdom. This fungus cellar wood effect through the creation of cracks along the grain of the wood. The fungus is often narrow, dark brown streaks on the surface of the wood.

Dry Red has the ability to grow in dry areas. It is the most common fungi in the United Kingdom. The fungus (formerly known Merulius) Serpula lacrymans has the ability to absorb, moisture from the wood to dry and then drive through the brick and mortar of the evolution of the roots, like son. The infection can rapidly into a house and business very quickly.

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