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Choosing the right architect

Posted on | March 1, 2011 | No Comments

The choice of an architect is not just pull the yellow pages, close your eyes and pointing to an ad. You must be a bit ‘more curious in this process. You may know someone who has an architect in recent years to see if you can refer to him. It ’s easy to trust someone, when you saw their first job and not worry about friends or family will be funny and honest about their experience.

Shop Around

Architects call or contact via e-mail. Ask questions about their experience. This is the best way to get free advice without signing a contract. Once you have contacted a minimum of 3 legs architect-up a meeting. You should discuss all the details with them, to be frank and honest about your budget and your expectations. You should ask about their previous experience with projects like yours. Ask to see samples and have them indicate whether they are providing all the services you need something or subcontract as the development of conceptual design, supply and support all the administrative work will be required from the point of view of the building.

You’ll want to understand the structure of the architectural and the guaranteed maximum cost per hour. Ask questions to understand what happens if the project is suspended or canceled. Get a collapse in property tax if you are able to have a project organization without surprises! Also, if you are able to see renderings of the project before you start. With today’s technology it is very possible, and helps you become more involved in the project.

I need to know more?

Yes! Need to know if the architect has liability insurance you need this for your architect. Find out if your architect or LEED is another kind of green trunks, which can often save money, and of course the environment!

Just sign the dotted line?

So you have interviewed all the architects of your potential as choosing the right one? Compare your quotes and pick someone who represents all the qualifications. The architect must not only meet your budget needs, but having a relationship is imperative. Finally, having a lawyer look at the contract before you sign the dotted line. Be sure not to sign that you’re comfortable with or do not understand.

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