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Budgetary matters of the House who are the most frequently asked questions – Part 3

Posted on | November 5, 2010 | No Comments

In addition, earlier in this series, covered the topics on the cost of building permits and construction. These problems tend to be more common in all subjects. Another question asked a lot of offers to provide a stamp on the house plans.

When an audience is looking for house plans, is likely to end up making a purchase of a plan conceived by a designer building. After all, a large percentage of plans are made by designers. When an owner is determined to build a specific plan made by a designer, but they live in a state that allows architect-designed house plans for construction, which is a plan potential buyer to do? This is where the designer receives a joint application.


Your plans are printed? Now that will provide a patch for your projects?


The short answer is no. On the other hand, you have a chance. First, we must all be aware that even the architects selling house plans online through the country does not mark their plans prior to shipment to the customer. Now that this fact is established, you can proceed to propose a solution that can be obtained.

Suppose you live in a state that requires all residential projects be prepared by an architect licensed by the State. Did you find a plan you want, but it is done by an interior designer or architect who is not allowed in your state. One might think that you have no recourse, but not so fast. You can have a local architect license stamp these plans for you. To make a couple of things must fall into place.

First, you should shop around for an architect that is open to the examination of plans (fee) for design professionals and others the stamp of their work. Once you’ve found your architect who will provide this service, contact the author of the plan for the purchase. Should you buy a computer as a CAD file format as it will probably be asked by the architect. The reason is that for an architect’s seal or stamp the plans, must be within the boundaries of the architect who will provide the stamp. Electronic files will be slightly more expensive than purchasing plans, but the cost is much less than having your architect to create a similar design. CAD files allow the architect to quickly import the drawings in its border, so you can print and stamp plans.

You and your architect will probably need to sign a licensing agreement with the design house which retains ownership of copyright to make that possible. While it may take a little ‘work, you can have internal plans meet the requirements of the department to build your condition. Ultimately, the planning of the house you want at a price that can still be considered reasonable in relation to the cost of a custom design.

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