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Benefit CNC for Business

Posted on | November 27, 2018 | No Comments

Tekcel is the number one for CNC routing Perth and we have the largest range of CNC machines to suit your industry or project no matter how large or small the job.

Utilising only the best components and parts, everything is designed and built locally from our facility here in Perth.  We have decades of experience in supplying bespoke CNC router machines that are built to last and perfectly match your requirements and your budget.

While many organisations still prefer hand-operation, the truth is that nothing can compare to the speed, precision and efficiency of computerised machines. Compared to manual operation, CNC machining provides faster and a much more precise level of production with the capability to do more than the most proficient engineer and the most imaginative machine. Not to mention the amount of money you would save on human resource costs such as sick pay, training, staff shortages leading to overflow or work and lower productivity rates.

Indeed, when it comes to business, we know that time is money and there is a great importance on speed and consistency which is why we are known to be the industry leaders and experts in CNC machinery.

Our CNC router machines offers a much faster turn-around time and provides for an incredibly specific level of production while using a number of axis to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Tekcel CNC routers can even load sheet material and unload the processed parts off the bed automatically!

In addition the CNC cutting machine is configured with "G-code" consisting of aspects that make it possible for ultimate control over feed rate, coordination, speed and position. The code likewise produces incredibly exact and consistent parts. This enables the CNC cutting machine to frequently undertake the job of lathes, routers, mills and grinders, as well as flexing, forming, transforming and more.

Our CNC machines can work on any type of material including aluminium, carbon, steel, wood, plastic, precious metals, brass, polycarbonate and synthetics. Whether your client wants fittings, contouring, spacers, texturing and inscription. bushings, shafts, manifolds, dies, fixtures, CNC routing can perform it all with ease through the multi-axis machining and plasma and laser cutting technology.

Plus Tekcel CNC routers accepts and updates layout and specification information immediately from industry standard CAD/CAM software.

Tekcel CNC routers work continuously to ensure the job gets completed by the required deadline and with our time-saving features such as automated tool changing and multi-bore drill banks, your production delivery rates will be quicker resulting in faster turnaround, happier clients and a healthier bottom-line.

Our recommendation for CNC Machine:

Tekcel CNC Routers


0892 486 344

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