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One product made of real hair, it is a fabulous full-length mink coat or a simple pocket exotic leather, is definitely an advantage that usually comes with considerable cost.

In an effort to prolong the life of incalculable and elegance of real fur products and exotic products, is it essential that the following steps.

Keep natural oils
Fur and leather will stand the test of time when the natural oils of the skin or the skin will not be disturbed by light, heat or chemicals.

If these lubricants are reduced or eliminated, the product of an effective drying and damage to the biological process will begin with immediate effect. It is important to remember that once these natural oils have been removed from a product made from real fur, there is no way to recover!

It may have run a number of factors, early damage to leather or fur products, be it a handbag fur and skin ostrich, crocodile leather belt or a bag Nguni Hide.

Things to do and not on grooming

* Keep the fur or leather products in a duffle bag when not in use. This will simply reduce the airflow and thus the natural flow of moisture from drought and the accelerated degradation.
* Keep the natural fur or leather product away from direct heat, it may create dry rot.
* Set the fur products or accessories exotic skin from direct sunlight for a prolonged period. This may result from oxidation and discoloration.
* Avoid perfumes, hair sprays and other chemicals anywhere near the product. They dry out the leather and stiffen the outer coat.
* Never store your furs and skins of exotic products in mothballs. The chemicals react with so much moisture in the air and the natural oils of the skin, causing dryness and the associated damages.
* Have you always tear will be repaired by experts as soon as possible.
* When a springbok and ostrich bag gets wet, for instance, shake only once, the humidity dab with a soft cloth and allow to dry.

Although it is recommended that the fur used in cold stores minimal controlled light, temperature, low humidity and to maintain protection against theft, exotic leather handbags, wallets and luggage are to maintain a little bit easier.

dedicated leather conditioner can be enhanced in a regular basis and moisturize the leather are used, which both durability and elegance, as long as handbags and accessories in fur can be maintained in good condition with d a soft brush.

If your product has a zipper to keep under optimal conditions in the lubrication of natural beeswax and remember, balls of white tissue in your pocket before you have to keep it original form.

How to distinguish between real and fake fur products
Last but not least, ensure that your precious fur or leather products are not real and is wrong by a few quick tests:

* Fell stroke and if it feels silky and soft to the touch, you have the Real Deal. However, if crude, coarse, and feels slightly tacky feel, you are wrong.
* Pull a few hairs of the exclusive product and try to burn it to test out. If the strands melt and be the smell of burnt plastic, make sure that you have been cheated by buying fake.
* Do test pin “by sticking a pin into the product. If it is difficult to needle with the product that you’ve probably made of real leather is to push very hard to penetrate.
* Check the price of genuine fur is more expensive than false.

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