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Add color to your glass with enamel paint

Posted on | December 22, 2010 | No Comments

The most common mistake that many people have when it comes to painting glass is that you can use any kind on the market to do so. This is not surprising how many people have the chance of getting information pack telling them how to paint glass. Before discussing the procedures for application by spray enamel on glass, we must first understand the advantage of using enamel paint over other types.

Unlike the common type of water that flows down when applied in function, the problem does not occur with enamel spray paint. In addition, the use of enamel paints eliminates the appearance of hideous strokes on the glass surface. This is made possible by the fact that the enamel paint is thick and adheres to the surface that is sprayed on the back and not sink.

Now, with the understanding of the fundamental differences between the common type of water base and type of enamel, we look at the technique of applying enamel paint.

First, with the glass, it is important to sand the surface to be painted with light. This is done to provide a space where you can eat or stick. Although enamel spray pain is thick, it needs some micro pores stick like the others.

Once done, the other sections of glass that does not paint should be covered with a protective plastic. Only regions that must be applied with the paint must be exposed. It is to avoid the frustration of damages because that would be very boring for a cleaning job after a territory that has inadvertently contaminated.

The application process can be a health risk. The very nature of fine particles, it is very dangerous to eyes and lungs. Thus, when applying, you must be sure to wear a mask and goggles. Not doing so could cause suffering from cancer in the future.

You must also ensure that the area you are working in is well lit. This is to avoid errors.

Also, be sure to produce a continuous and slow movement. If movement is too fast, the paint is very thin. If there are disruptions or interruptions during the application of enamel paints, paint rough spots appear on the glass. This would result in a finished product unpleasant. wallpaper

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