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3 Simple Tips on Window Cleaning – For half of

Posted on | April 11, 2010 | No Comments

3 Simple Tips on Window Cleaning – For half of the time cleaning the windows!

Cleaning windows can be tedious and tiring task. It need not be so, the proportion of their three proactive tips the easiest way to get your Windows sparkling like new, half the time.

1st Use a spray

Many glass cleaners, use a spray to wet the window while working inside. He did not need expensive cleaning with warm water and soap is filled enough to go. Using a vaporizer is much easier to manage than a bucket, and preventing the spillage on the floor.

2nd Use a good size blade

This is essential to ensure that you have a good finish on your Windows. Make sure that you are only the tip of the window as you pull down and then straight ahead. It’s worth the investment in a good quality squeegee done well, many of the cheaper alternatives are not equal.

Also, consider wipe with a lint-free cloth to wipe the remaining water droplets. It is important that you get the last drop for Windows, really clean!

3rd Clean windows in the shade

True, as you must not clean a hot car, do not clean windows in it and not you. to shade By cleaning the windows, say almost all the effects of scratches – Save time and give you the best results from your window. Remember – working around the sun, not directly in it!

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