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10 Things To Know When Chartering Bus in Perth

Posted on | July 06, 2018 | No Comments

There are many instances when chartering a bus is a good idea. Whether you are organizing a tour, or putting together an event, Landsdale Bus Charters can serve a purpose, as they will insure that everyone is in one central location. There are, however, things you should know before taking on this responsibility. Below are ten tips that can help you when choosing a company and organizing the details.

Check the government safety rating and insurance of the companies you are considering. This is a good idea as it will tell you how reliable they are, and why other people do or don't use them. You can do this on the Internet by conducting a search for Perth bus and coach charter companies and government safety ratings. There are web sites that can provide you with this information. This is, perhaps, the most important tip and the first thing you should do before deciding on a company.

Check the availability of each Perth bus company you are considering. Remember, it varies depending on season, day of week, and area. It also may require you to book 21 to 90 days in advance.

Check the distance each company will "deadhead", that is travel empty before picking up passengers. Typically, companies will do this for a time of up to one hour multi-day trips, and sometimes less for those only lasting one day.

Check around for good prices on booking a bus. On average, the deposit is 10 percent for trips over the road. Also, check for competitive prices, as they will vary depending on the type and length of trip.

 Perth bus and coach charter

Know the average pricing for mileage of a chartered bus, as this will help you decide on a company. This can vary with the increased gas prices, but should not deviate much from one company to another. Take this into account when choosing a company.

When planning a trip, understand the driving rules where time is concerned. Operators can not drive more than ten hours following eight consecutive hours off-duty. You should plan your trip around this.

Understand that prices don't typically rise as the travel date draws nearer in times of low availability. Keep this in mind when choosing a company, and stay away from those that might increase their prices during such a time.

Be aware that a company may subcontract your bus trip out to another company if should the one you booked become over-sold. While this isn't likely to happen, know that it can.

Understand how charters are typically priced. When used locally, charters are usually priced by the hour. For trips, they are priced by the mile averaging more than 300 miles per day.

Also, keep in mind that many companies will allow alcohol on-board with a refundable deposit. Check with each company you consider for the rules and regulations surrounding this.

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